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How To Get Your Ex Back - 8 Great Tips

If you are wondering how to get your ex back now that you have broken up, than let me tell you - in most cases it is doable. But the problem is that most people are doing it wrong. In fact, in many cases you will be driving your ex even further from you and not back to you!

This doesn't have to be that way. You simply need to learn how to get your ex back. It is possible, and involves doing certain things and avoiding other things.

First, let's talk about the thing you should not do. Simply avoid doing these, no matter what:

1. Chasing you ex. This is a big no-no. If you chase her or him with phone calls, emails, sending your friends as messengers and any other tricks, the only thing that will happen is that your ex start hating or fearing you. This leaves no chance of comeback what so ever.

2. Stalking your ex - again, a big no-no. If you will try to force them to see you by ambushing her or him you will only make things worse. People will start calling you "a stalker" and you will find it hard to make new friends this way.

3. Being depressed - If you let yourself slide into depression, other areas of your life will suffer. Some people even lost their job because their relationship came to an end. Don't let this happen to you.

4. Avoiding social life - If you will become a hermit as a result of a break up, that again you will only be punishing yourself. There is a big world out there, and you can find love. Be that your ex or another person.

So, what should you do? If you really want to start seeing how to get your ex back, try practicing the next 4 ways of action.

1. Create more value for yourself - When your ex left you, in many cases it was because she did not value you and your relationship high enough to stay. Therefore, your job is to create more value for yourself. For example, if you're a man, you can build more value by her hearing about you meeting other women.

2. Stay in touch - though it may hurt, stay in touch with your ex. This can be with email or sms, if you are not comfortable talking. When you do that, you remain her or him of the good times you had together and you also signal that there is a way back.

3. Do a make over - in many cases, being in a relationship for more than a year makes you less groomed. If you feel you've been neglecting yourself lately, start going to the gym and buy new and cool clothes. This will make you feel better about yourself and you will resonate that feeling to your surroundings. Your ex will feel that too.

4. Let her or him seek you out - Don't chase your ex around. Let them come to you. Doing all the things we just talked about will help you regain your confidence and your ex will feel that. Confident people attract other people, and your ex will be attracted to you again.

How to get your ex back is not rocket science. It's a simple process that will work if you apply it. If you and your ex belong together, than you will get back together eventually.

Ron Weber is a dating expert. You can find his experiences posted at Just follow along as he posts his thoughts about the subject, and learn how to apply them to your life.

How To Get Your Ex Back - Learn Mistakes of Your Love Life

How to get your ex back is most common question after breakup but one of main mistakes most people do is not learning from their mistakes. First thing that comes to mind after hearing those "I need some space", "Can we be just friends?" and many other variations of how our beloved ones decide to breakup with us is usually "Why does this keep happening to me" or "What have I done wrong again?".

If this is something you have ever experienced then I have great news for you. There is a way to stop such situations happening again and if done correctly even get your ex back. Possibly even any of those ex lovers that rejected you at some point and you might just need to decide which one best choice. In most cases you will favor most recent romance partner which is quite obvious choice but let me tell you that chances are much greater if you try someone who you haven't seen for a while and those negative feelings you ex had at the time of breakup might be forgotten already and proper approach could lead you back in very good relationship.

But before understanding how to get your ex back first you need to understand why this keeps happening to you and what to do about this. Here are few things that you should avoid doing if you are trying to get your ex back on your own or by advice of your friends:

1. No begging - Don't even think about this one and it includes trying to call or any contact at all. Right now your presence for your ex will just decrease your chances of restoring a relationship and especially begging will be turning off even more that will kill any future chances for getting ex back.

2. No promises about changing - This might seem the obvious solution at first to ask your ex what exactly went wrong and promise that you will not be doing that anymore but in reality even discussing this will make things worse let alone solving the problem. Actually such behaviour will make your value as lover even lower in eyes of your ex.

3. No ultimatums - This possibly could be the worst mistake usually done before the breakup if you engage your ex and give an ultimatum like choose me or that other thing you are so obsessed with because of which you don't have time for me anymore. If at this point your ex didn't yet have courage to breakup with you then this is perfect reason to just do it and make your chances of fixing things miserable.

There are many more ways and reasons that you can recognize and use to learn how to get your ex back and it doesn't matter if it's your girlfriend you recently lost or your boyfriend that possibly found new person more interesting than you.

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How To Get A Girl Back - 3 Things Every Guy Must Know

Any time a guy asks me the question, "how to get a girl back" I always extract three key pieces of information from him before offering any advice:

1. Breakup Reason

2. Mindset

3. Timing

Even though every breakup is unique, addressing these three points should be the starting point to any relationship repair strategy. Now let's examine them in more detail to actually see how they fit into the gameplan of how to get a girl back.

The first thing that needs to be analyzed is the reason for the breakup. While there may be countless reasons a relationship goes sour, each and every one of these can be put into one of two categories: her interest level declined or his interest level declined.

The former scenario occurs when the guy shows too much affection towards the girl. Calling too often, excessive gift giving, and too many "I love you" remarks are perfect examples of this. It contradicts logic, but whenever a girl feels smothered with love, she no longer considers her partner a challenge, and hence the drop in interest level.

The latter scenario occurs when they guy doesn't show enough attention towards the girl. Cancelling plans, forgetting to call back, and an overall lack of quality time spent with the girl are prime examples.

The second point of the relationship repair strategy focuses on mindset. That is, what are the guy's current feelings and how much control does he have over those feelings. A breakup is just another form of rejection and when anyone gets rejected, there's always a natural tendency to want to the unattainable back.

The last point, timing, is what will make or break the entire strategy. After a girl ends it with a guy there is a small window of opportunity left wide open to correct things and get back together. Waiting too long before attempting to correct things makes every effort to get her back that much more ineffective.

Once those three focal points have been addressed, the plan of how to get a girl back can be easily put together. For example, if it was her interest level that ultimately declined the guy must re-establish the challenge that once existed in the relationship. If it was his interest level that declined he needs to start showing more affection in a timely, yet subtle fashion.

To correctly execute the above mentioned plan, his mindset is the key. Every action should be based on logical thoughts and not desperate desire. Taking a step back from the entire situation and looking at it from an outsider's point of view is the recommended way to establish the right mindset. In other words, the guy should ask himself the question, "If I were in her shoes, how would I want to be approached?" It is through this perspective that he'll ultimately get his answer.

Finally, and as mentioned before, timing is crucial. The guy should put himself in the right mindset to handle this situation as soon as possible, as every second counts in this how to get a girl back strategy.

About the Author: Dr. Karanastasis is recognized as the leading expert on men's relationship repair and creator of the first-of-its-kind course, "How To Get Her Back For Good - A Shortcut Strategy For Getting Your Girlfriend Back Without Using Tricks, Tactics, or Manipulating Mind-Games" based on the successful consultations of over 1,200 men in a wide variety of breakup situations.

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How to Get Your Man Back

It seems like only yesterday when you fell in love with him. You fell in with his dark eyes and his embrace made you feel like nothing bad could ever happen to you. But now, for whatever reason, he is no longer yours. You want to know how to get your man back and soon. You miss him right? Just follow these easy steps and you soon you will have him back again.

• Forget whose fault the initial breakup was. If you really want him back in your life then what happened in the past should stay in the past. If he cheated on you, then you must be willing to forgive and forget before you even attempt to get your man back. If you did something wrong, then you must somehow convince him to forgive and forget whatever fault you have committed.

• Don’t scare him away with your phone. Eighty phone calls a day, each with a sobbing illegible message are not how to get your man back. Getting back together is much like starting a new relationship. Imagine if a person you didn’t know did that in order to get a date with you. It would scare you, right? He knows you have the best intentions, but he will flee if you do that. Limit yourself to no more than one phone call a day, with a calm and composed message asking for a meeting to reconcile.

• Don’t hatch plans, schemes, or revenge plots to get him back. This is not Hollywood, it is your life. If you follow any of what a movie shows, you will most likely end up in prison. Besides if you have to plan and scheme on how to get your man back, instead of love taking over then you two were probably not meant to be together.

• Espionage will get you nowhere. Parking a car in front of his home with a pair of binoculars can get you a restraining order before you get him again. Sure, he may be on a date with another woman, but she won’t last long if you two are meant to be together. Also, interrogating his friends and family will not only embarrass you, but it will also get people who were on your side to see his point of view.

• If nothing works, then perhaps it is time to maybe consider that it wasn’t meant to be. If he doesn’t return your calls, ignores your existence and has a restraining order on you, then at this point you may want to consider seeking professional counseling. There are groups of women just like you who struggle to cope with the fact that things are over. Please seek the advice of these people before things get out of hand.

There are five simple things to keep in mind when wondering to yourself how to get your man back. Not all of them may work, but there is nothing wrong with trying. And remember, if you do not get your man back successfully, there are plenty of other fish in the sea.

How to get your man back is a simple process that almost any person in love can achieve. With some time and patience anything is possible.

Getting Back Together Advice - How To Get My Ex Back

Sometimes we are not trying hard enough to save the relationship that we have and as a result it comes to an end. As time goes by all the bad memories begin to fade, leaving a person to understand that he/she made the biggest mistake of all - let go the one he/she loved. Both men and women submit the same request to different forums every day: “Please advice on how to get my ex back!” Of course, every situation is different and there is no single solution that will work one hundred per cent. But there are certain things you can do to improve relationship with your ex and possibly win him/her back.

Start by identifying mistakes you both have made in the past and then honestly answer one question ”Will you be able to avoid them in the future?” If you think that you fully realized what went wrong in your relationship and you are willing to fix it, all you need to do is to make your ex believe that there is still a chance for you.

Do not promise the person that you love that you’ll change and everything will be different. Words mean nothing unless they are confirmed by action!

Think what did you ex wasn’t particularly fond of in your behavior? Maybe you didn’t pay him/her enough attention? Or maybe you’ve become a sloppy dresser and stopped caring how you look? What can you do to improve yourself?

For example, you can surprise your ex with unexpected gift or offer him/her to spend the whole day together. Or you can impress your ex with how stunning you look. I know that looks shouldn’t be as important as the inner world, but in reality they are. It is a lot nicer to be around a confident well-dressed person, than around someone who looks like he/she just got out of bed.

To win back the one you love, you should become a person your ex would immediately get attracted to. If you feel depressed or jealous around your ex, try to hide your feelings. Be strong! It is not the right time to throw any accusations into your ex’s face and offend him/her. You have to respect feelings and wishes of the person that you love.

Do not push your ex even further away, by trying to “manipulate” him/her into getting back with you using money, blackmail or guilt trip. Instead show your best side by being attentive, understanding, gentle and caring with the person that you want to win back. Even if he/she is seeing someone else right now, you can still beat your competition by acting better than him/her. So if you think that your ex still has feelings for you, don’t give up easily. Fight for your happiness, because you deserve it!

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Maybe You Shouldn't Learn How to Get Your Ex Back

I wrote an article a little while ago called "Is Learning How To Get Your Ex Back Right For You?" and what I seem to see from the responses to the article is that either this is mostly a guy-type issue or the woman don't like to talk much about getting an ex back.

It surprised me a little because it doesn't seem to be a specifically male or female issue. There are several problems with trying to get your ex back and also several different ways to approach it. First, let's consider the realities.

A lover or mate leaves for a reason. Often they're gone from the relationship a long time before they walk out the door. How the break happens has a lot to do with whether and how learning to get your ex back even makes sense to attempt. If it happened over time and you didn't see it coming, some learning about the basics of relationships better come first. We all go to school but schools rarely teach us some of the most important things in life - like how to start and keep a good healthy relationship. So we fumble around and make mistakes and aren't even sure what was a mistake so we can fix it.

Is it any wonder so many of us have so much trouble keeping healthy long-term relationships alive and well? We expect the impossible, ignore the actual, deny the problems, and then wonder what happened. And this has nothing to do with being smart or dumb, having a great job or working as a clerk, being a high school dropout or a PhD, rich or poor. If you didn't happen to be really lucky and learn by modeling your own behavior on people who really have discovered how to have great relationships, none of the rest of that matters.

The point is - you get your ex back and in 3 months what's going to happen? If you haven't discovered the "whats" and "whys" that caused the break and picked up some new "hows" so the same old tired scenes don't repeat, then ... Well, I'm sure you see what's likely to happen.

And what if you haven't really thought this through. You better be really certain that learning how to get your ex back is what you want, because when you do, your ex is probably not going to have changed.

There's a huge fantasy we fall into sometimes - it goes like this: if only I could get my ex back then everything would be wonderful again and life would be so much better because love makes everything perfect. Well, no it doesn't. Remember, there was some reason the ex left. Everything wasn't wonderful. And just how good was life anyway? Some people really want their ex back because they are afraid - afraid they are unlovable, afraid of being out there looking for someone, afraid no one will like them -- afraid of being alone. That's a very very bad reason for learning how to get your ex back.

So what we're really looking at are several things here. Learning what a healthy relationship is and what the signs of an unhealthy one are. Learning some new ways to behave to make the relationship much better, more stable and long-lasting. Maybe learning how to get your ex back - or maybe learning how to find a new partner with a lot less anxiety, frustration, and doubt than you used to experience. Or, maybe all of these. After all learning the techniques that make dating (and seduction and relationships) easier than you ever imagined can certainly do you a lot of good with your ex also.

You need to learn some new things, make some changes, or you'll be stuck in the same old misery again just down the road. Change and growth are not as hard as you may think and the rewards can be much greater than you imagine whether you want to learn how to get your ex back or find a new partner or improve your skills in relationships.

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How to Win Your Ex Back - Will I Get Back With My Ex?

Perhaps, you have broken up with your ex but you still love him/her, so how do you know whether you still have any chances to get back together with him/her?

One of the most important points to look out for is obviously whether your ex is still interested in the relationship. If your ex has decided to let go of the relationship and move on, then it will be very hard for you to get him/her back.

If you have just broken up only a few days ago, then it may be better for you to wait for a while before taking any further action. This is because both of you will probably need the time to cool down and heal your broken heart. Also, you will want to make use of this period to consider what you really want as well as what went wrong with the relationship.

If you have already broken up with your ex for at least a few months, then you may want to look for the following indicators to judge whether your ex still has the intention to get back together with you.

The first thing to look out for is whether he/she is still contacting you. If your ex takes the initiative to contact you, then it shows that he/she may still have the hope of getting back together with you.

Another thing you want to look out for is what is the reason for him/her to call you? Usually, they may try to find the lamest reason for calling you. The fact is they just want to call you.

Another point to look out for is whether your ex tries to keep the conversation long. Usually, if he/she is reluctant to hang up the phone, it shows that he/she is interested in you.